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Trademark Registration / Trademark Research / Licensing / Transfers / Enforcement / Dispute Resolution


Registration / Licensing / Assignments / Grant Terminations (“Recapture”) / Catalog Sales


Recording / Publishing / Management / Licensing / Distribution / Live Performance / Catalog Sales

New Media

Digital / Social Media / Creative / Design / Editorial / Marketing / Advertising / Web / Mobile


Websites / Apps / Software / Clickwraps / Terms of Use / End User License Agreements / Privacy Policies


Entities / Operating Agreements / Bylaws / Trademarks & Branding / Hiring a Team / Services Agreements


Corporate Governance / Entity Selection and Formation / Operating Agreements and Bylaws / Employment / NDAs


We work with a number of non-profits, public benefit corporations and charities striving to make an impact on the world
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“I have worked with Daniel for three years now and am so very pleased that we were connected. He has been instrumental in providing expert knowledge and value to our clients seeking trademark services. I refer all of my clients to him and have heard nothing but praises for the services they have received. I highly recommend Daniel's firm.” - Frank Orlando, Owner of Accumera, LLC

"Daniel has a hands-on approach and maintains a regular and constant communication throughout the client relationship. Knowing that Daniel is part of our team is highly reassuring as we grow and expand our operations.”
- Ann DeMartini, Owner of Rock City Studios

"I was referred to Daniel Novick for trademark registration and gained protection for my business. Daniel's attention to detail sets your business up for success.” - Sammy-Jo Rocco, President of Jorocco, Inc.

“Daniel’s firm has been an excellent resource for me, acting as a sounding board for artist representation, business transactions, and even with negotiating my own employee contract.”
-  Jordan Burger, Booking Agent at Madison House

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